Merries Diaper: A Premium Diaper from Japan


Merries Diaper: A Premium Diaper from Japan

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At 14 months of age, I have already tried several brands of diapers to Allyka. Some caused her rashes, some caused poop explosions and leaks, some just simply didn’t really meet our expectations. We have been using a certain brand of diaper the past few months and thought it was doing well until Allyka turned one. She became a heavy wetter. Her old diaper caused her rashes and would leak during the night and that’s not fun at all for this mom.

Look at that wiwi leak 🙁


That’s why I was happy when Merries PH diaper sent us some samples. I really want to try it since I have been hearing a lot of great feedback about it from friends.


Merries is the number one recommended diaper in Japan based on a free Election by actual moms. Japan is known to produce great quality products so that says a lot about this product. Merries wants your baby to be happy, comfortable and smiling 24 hours a day 356 days a year. They believe that happy babies and parents constant bonding is vital to babies’ growth and development. These cherished moments will be enjoyed more if babies are dry and comfy.

We’ve been using Merries diapers for 2 weeks now and I can only say one thing, it’s the BEST diaper we have ever tried!

Let’s talk about Quality:

1. Long-lasting Dryness – I can attest to this. I would touch Allyka’s diaper after wearing it overnight and it’s completely dry. Other diapers we’ve tried would be soaking wet by morning.

2. Superb Aboserbency – This is so true!

3. Soft Poo Leak Guard – We didn’t experience any poop or pee leak with Merries considering Allyka’s already a heavy wetter.

4. Their Ultra-soft and Fluffy surface that is gentle to baby’s delicate skin – Cloth like quality I have to say!


5. Merries cute Bunny designs – Perfect for my baby girl whose first toy was a pink bunny! 💕

5. Soft reusable Magic Seal – The corners are rounded and made of a soft material that is gentle and does not scratch the baby’s skin

6. Color Changing Wetness Indicator – When the strips change color to dark blue, that means it’s time to change the diaper.

7. Blue Disposal Tape for their Diaper Pants – Their pants have a tape behind the diaper that you can use to seal soiled diaper when you need to throw it.

The only possible con is that Merries is a bit pricey as to compare with other brands but I think it’s worth it since you’re paying for the quality. I highly recommend it, especially if your baby has sensitive skin.

Merries Diapers are available at Lazada , Rustan’s SuperMarket (Makati, Rockwell, Shangri-la, Evia, met Live Ayala Cebu and CDO)

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