Why I decided to blog again.

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Why I decided to blog again.

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“Gusto mo bang sumikat kaya ka nag-ba blog?”

I was flabbergasted when I heard this question.

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That idea, honestly,  never crossed my mind.

Growing up as a simple shy girl, I’m the type of person who’d rather keep the correct answer to myself instead of raising my hand to recite in class. I hated the limelight. I hated being the center of attention so NO, I’m not blogging to be famous, nor to earn money. Seriously.

So why am I blogging, you ask?

As cliche as it may sound,  my reason is simple…

I love writing my heart out. 

Do you know how it feels like to do something you really really love?

You get excited. You forget the worries of the world. You feel a spark of happiness in your heart whenever you spend time doing what you love.  You suddenly don’t mind losing sleep just so you can do whatever it is that you love.

Yup, that’s how I feel like whenever I’m writing and whenever I’m taking care of Allyka (Two things that I’m passionate about.)

Erika Jane Viray-2-01-01

I want to dedicate this blog, however to my love for writing.

I can still remember how my heart leaped when I saw my name on our school paper. You see,  I’ve always loved writing but never had the courage to volunteer as a writer on our school paper. But, as fate would have it, my simple Informal Theme found its way to our humble school paper My English teacher fell in love with a piece that I wrote so she decided to publish it as an article. It was a simple gesture that made me realized that my writing can somehow stir other people’s emotions. My thoughts can affect other people’s lives and, I want to write more.

During the summer break, I told my nanay that I want to start a blog. She didn’t really understand what a blog is but I knew she understood how much it meant to me. She gave me 20 pesos every other day so I can rent a computer, type stories, and articles and publish it using HTML style formatting. I wish I can still remember the URL of my old blog but that’s long forgotten.

I knew in my heart that I really want to write so I even considered taking Communication Arts. But, the logical side of my brain told me it’s not going work out since all the Universities that offer the said course are too far from our place. Long story short, I decided to take BSE math and become a Math teacher all thanks to my scholarship. From then on, I decided to forget about writing and focus on what I currently have.  Besides,  most people will tell you that you gotta love what you do if doing what you love ain’t possible.

I taught for a year and worked in the call center industry for several years. I spent most of my days trying to learn and succeed despite my half-hearted commitment.

Then one thing happened.. in the midst of our wedding preparation, I decided to start a blog in June 2015. I wanted to document our wedding preparation so, why not?

I wrote articles, guidelines, shared tips, and DIY projects. I was posting articles every week.  I’d spend most my time working on my blog the moment I log out from work and I didn’t mind losing sleep or getting tired or running out of data.

I was happy.

Blogging makes me happy.

After the wedding though, marriage and our goal to have a baby took most of my time so yeah, I stopped blogging and I thought it was already the end. I was wrong again.

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it” – Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist) 

I’ve tried several times to convince myself that writing isn’t for me because honestly, I’m not even super good at it.

I’ve spent most my years doing something else, trying to look away from what I love to focus on what I have but, that obviously didn’t work out because here I am again, typing with enthusiasm as I write this humble story of mine. My heart, my mind, always find their way back to my first love, writing.

I just know it’s a part of God’s plan. I was meant to resign from my teaching job to work at home, take care of Allyka and focus on my own passion project. (check this article if you want to know why I decided to work at home) 

I’m back to blogging because I love it.

Regardless, if you read it or not, I’ll still do it.

Regardless, if I earn from it or not, I’ll still continue writing.

No BS. Just pure honesty and passion. 
I know it may sound impractical and dreamy to tell you to go and follow your dream but I’ll still tell you anyway.  Don’t drag your feet to work doing something you hate.  Make calculated risks every now and then.  Buy that painting set.  Take that calligraphy class.  Take that small step towards your dream. Work while doing what you love and you’ll just be surprised where it will take you. Follow your passion because if you succeed, that’s awesome but if you don’t,  you wouldn’t mind because you’re doing it out of pure love. ❤❤❤

So to you my friend,  I only have one question, what are you passionate about?



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