What are newborn essentials?


What are newborn essentials?


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As parents prepare to bring their newborn at home, providing the essential needs for an infant baby can be a difficult chore, but fear not, because MAKUKU has created a checklist to help us figure out what baby essentials you’ll need during the first three months.

  1. Feeding Supplies

You don’t need much more than your breasts if you’re breastfeeding, but you do need a few essentials like nursing pads, nipple lotion, and a breast pump (if needed). If you plan to bottle-feed your baby, have a few extra sanitized bottles on hand to avoid cleaning in the middle of the night. A bottle brush and a bottle-washing dishwashing basket are other newborn baby stuff to be considered.

  1. Diapers

Having newborn baby diapers are basic yet  the most vital part of any baby kit. With MAKUKU air diapers, the bottom layer is made of ultra-fine denier fiber, which is delicate and clean, light and soft as silk and it makes the baby more comfortable. At the same time, it is made of three globally recognized polymer materials; catalyst, BASF, and Sumitomo which are super-absorbent for disposable diapers. MAKUKU also  innovate a diapers specifically for newborns that presents a “U” shaped design. These diapers have a “U” shaped navel cut in the middle to reduce friction with the umbilical cord, protecting the baby’s sensitive umbilical cord area. And what’s exciting with MAKUKU Slim diapers series; these are uniquely made with Apple Vitamin C to balance the baby’s skin pH level when exposed to urine and preventing your baby’s sensitive skin from diaper rash and allergies.

Amazingly with all the advantages that have been mentioned, MAKUKU Slim and Comfort Diapers are both lightweight and made with an ergonomic design that fits baby’s body shape properly. It’s also super-absorbent diapers that will definitely protect and provide comfort for your babies. It is available in two types, namely tape diapers with sizes Newborn, S, M, L, and XL and pant diapers which are available in L, XL, XXL and XXXL. 

  1. Clothing  

We understand how wonderful it is to have a few nice outfits for your newborn baby to show off, but it is strongly advised not to buy many newborn clothing items because your baby will outgrow them quickly. At the same time, you will be going through lots of outfit changes, as newborn clothing can get messy, quickly.

  1. Crib/Bedding

While it’s best to let your newborn baby sleep in your room for the first few months, it’s also a good idea to prepare her or his sleeping environment ahead of time. If you opt to co-sleep, make sure the baby’s sleeping place is solid and secure. Make a bed using a blanket and sheets dependent on the weather.

  1. Bath Items

Bath products like baby bath wash, baby lotion and washcloths are another infant product to consider when preparing for newborn baby supplies. Newborn babies only require a brief wipe with a soft sponge or cotton swab for the first few times. However, it won’t be long until your infant is swimming around in the tub. This is also a special time when parents can bond with their newborn babies.

  1. Gear and Furniture

The only furniture you absolutely need for your newborn, according to common perception, is a comfortable place for them to sleep in and a place to put their clothes. Many of us choose much more—a changing table, dresser, nursery gliders, toy bin, bouncy seat, baby swing, and so on—and adorning the baby’s room can be a highlight. But, if you want, you can wait till your child is older and you have a better notion of what they genuinely require.

You’ll need a way to get around with your infant. Car seats are highly required, and usually hospitals will not release you until you have a properly installed car seat. A stroller or a baby carrier are also great options.

  1. Grooming Kit and First Aid Kit

As for the grooming kit and first aid kit, you don’t need to stock your cabinets with a plethora of baby grooming products or a full-fledged first-aid kit at first. You will undoubtedly require a method for trimming those tiny nails. You should also be able to take your baby’s temperature and clean snot from their nose when necessary. 

You can also put off buying baby pain relief medicine until your baby is a little older, as it is not recommended that newborns receive any OTC pain relief medicine until they are 3-6 months old, depending on the medicine and doctor recommendations.

That’s all! It wasn’t as intimidating as you anticipated. There will be a plethora of infant products and baby goods available at the baby shop Philippines that will make your life easier as you prepare to become a parent. 

MAKUKU, in particular, is now in the Philippines and ready to take the leap of faith of our Filipino mothers in order for them to experience the comfort and worry-free motherhood. You can finally say goodbye to your baby’s unwanted rashes, irritation, diaper leakage, and other problems that may occur to your baby. Another piece of good news is that MAKUKU air diapers are also available in Shopee and Lazada. A little reminder, stock up on your baby items before or as soon as your newborn arrives!