#TOCIistoBelieve: You CAN have Fresh, Easy, and Tasty meals at home!


#TOCIistoBelieve: You CAN have Fresh, Easy, and Tasty meals at home!


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In the digital age, where anyone can share anything online, we’re always reminded to be discerning and careful of taking things at face value. The saying ‘to see is to believe’ comes to mind. Even when influencers boast a million followers and brands trust their voice, perceptive consumers dodge the ‘budol’ and take it with a grain of salt. After all, your mileage may vary!

If this can be said in relation to our favorite everyday lifestyle products, more so with the food we eat – especially with food! When we’re discerning and wais about our meals, we’re saving our family’s health and our wallet’s health, too.

It’s 2024! We need food items that are freshly produced and packed, ideally on the same day it is sold so we know it is truly safe to eat. We deserve ingredients that we can use for breakfast, lunch, and dinner without breaking the bank. We need pre-prepared goods that help cut down on effort and preparation time, ideally coming ready to cook. Most of all, we should choose options that are undeniably tasty, because there should be no compromises where our family’s happiness and contentment are concerned.

All this goodness rolled into one sounding too good to be true? Tip-Top Easy and Tasty Chicken Tocino says you need TOCI it to believe it!

Tip-Top Easy and Tasty Chicken Tocino is the newest product launched under the Easy and Tasty® line by C-Joy, a joint venture between Jollibee and Cargill Philippines.

Tip-Top uses only the freshest chicken breast, produced and packed on the same day to ensure tip-top quality each time. It is also rich in protein and no fat.

The tocino comes conveniently pre-chopped and pre-seasoned with natural, tasty flavors – that means, no nitrite!

True to its Easy and Tasty claim, Tip-Top’s chicken tocino variant lets the busy home-cooking yuppie and the frazzled mom skip all the cleaning, portioning, chopping, and seasoning, and go straight to the cooking, serving, and eating!

Ready in as quick as 10 minutes, it’s perfect for on-the-go families that need a tasty, sweet-and-savory baon in tow.

No time for your favorite tocino for breakfast? Tip-Top’s chicken tocino is yummy enough to eat all day, and versatile enough to incorporate into the most creative dishes. It’s the all-day-breakfast enthusiast’s newest weapon of choice.

Try this recipe out TOCI for yourself!

For more recipes, follow Tip-Top Chicken’s Official Facebook Page @TipTopChickenPH (https://www.facebook.com/tiptopchickenph).

Tip-Top Easy and Tasty Chicken Tocino is available at select Robinson’s Supermarkets, Shopwise, The Marketplace, Landmark Trinoma, South Supermarket, and online through GoCart – for only SRP PHP 185.00 (100g).

Try it yourself. After all, TOCI is to believe!

Tip-Top Easy and Tasty Chicken Tocino is part of the Easy and Tasty product line from C-Joy – a joint venture between Jollibee and Cargill Philippines. Since 2017, this venture has created a route-to-market that provides access to fresh, nutritious, high-quality poultry products for Filipino families. More than these quality products, the venture commits to working alongside local farmers, producers, manufacturers, retailers, local government units, and other organizations to nourish the country – and the world — in a safe, responsible, and sustainable way to ultimately help local communities thrive.