#TOCIistoBelieve: Tip-Top’s New Chicken Tocino line is all about easy, tasty, and fresh meals all day, every day


#TOCIistoBelieve: Tip-Top’s New Chicken Tocino line is all about easy, tasty, and fresh meals all day, every day


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Pinoys have long grown more sophisticated with their global dining tastes and have become more adventurous with their palates. But nothing hits the simple joys and nostalgia buttons as hard as Filipino food – like tocino – does.

Tocino is an undeniable kitchen staple that has endured the ever-changing local food landscape. The rich, sweet, sometimes red-orange goodness is our childhood — so comforting, and so Pinoy! And with healthier choices becoming the norm, chicken tocino becomes a crowd favorite!

But is there more to this all-day breakfast staple we know and love? Just as the Pinoy palate continues to evolve, the chicken tocino of the tocilog genre CAN be more! #TOCI is to believe, ika nga!

C-Joy, a joint venture between Jollibee and Cargill Philippines, brings this beloved comfort food to our globally diverse, wellness-oriented, innovative chef-level skills-prepared, but time-efficient healthy meal plans with Tip-Top Easy and Tasty Chicken Tocino!

The Filipino almusal fave is the newest product launched under the venture’s Easy and Tasty line. Tip-Top Easy and Tasty Chicken Tocino is brought to you using only the freshest prime chicken breast pieces, high in protein, low in fat, and seasoned to that familiar, balanced, sweet-savory flavor. It’s produced without nitrites, artificial flavoring, or added colors (so don’t be surprised if it’s not bright pink!). It comes pre-chopped, and is packed on the same day so you’re sure your family is getting fresh, easy-to-prepare choices – ready for any 15-minute meal challenge any time of the day!

Because it’s so easy to cook fresh, Tip-Top Easy and Tasty Chicken Tocino is a choice main ingredient for not just the good old -silog meal, but for every creative recipe you can think of.

It can be mixed with seasoned Japanese rice and wrapped in seaweed for easy sushi, onigiri, or even mini musubi.

Mixed with rice, quinoa, or cauliflower rice, with some sweet corn, tomatoes, and beans, and enveloped in a warmed tortilla, it would make perfect sweet-savory Pinoy-tweaked breakfast burritos.

It can be stirred into noodles for a sweet-spicy Asian twist, skewered and grilled with crisp vegetables as kebabs, or air-fried with your veggies of choice to top a salad or create a sub!

Add it to beaten eggs, cheese, and spinach, and bake in greased muffin pans for that carb-free protein booster breakfast option. And have you tried it in lumpia?!

Tip-Top Easy and Tasty Chicken Tocino promises to be your top kitchen pick from here on out. All you need is imagination, creativity, and everyday pantry staples to enjoy together with this guilt-free guilty pleasure as often as the craving hits.

Tip-Top Easy and Tasty Chicken Tocino is available in affordable 450g packs at select Robinson’s Supermarkets, Shopwise, The Marketplace, Landmark Trinoma, South Supermarket, and online through GoCart.

#TOCIistobelieve, so get creative and bring this Pinoy wonder to your tables today!