The Emerald Fresh: Organic,  Grass-Ged and Hormone-Free Fresh Milk and Smoothies


The Emerald Fresh: Organic,  Grass-Ged and Hormone-Free Fresh Milk and Smoothies


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I’m not a big milk drinker but, when Allyka turned one year old, I considered giving her fresh milk. I am exclusively breastfeeding her and she’s already eating solid food but, there are times when I have to leave her at home especially when I have to attend events (my version of me-time). She often relies on solid food whenever we are separated. She doesn’t like formula milk and I have read from somewhere that it’s advisable to give Fresh Milk to little ones from one year old and above so yeah, I am definitely giving her fresh milk!

Flex ko lang ang pretty baby ko 😀

I asked Allyka’s Pedia and I was told to wait a little longer and so we did. When she turned 15months old, I knew Allyka was already ready to try fresh milk but the question was, what kind of fresh milk do I give her? Of course, I want to make sure I’m giving her the best so I was just glad to have discovered The Emerald Fresh on Instagram. They deliver Organic, Grass-Ged and Hormone-Free Fresh Milk right to your doorstep! Bonga! Diba? These milk are processed by local Farmers in Batangas so not only would you be able to enjoy this yummy goodness when you buy from them but, you also get to help support local farmers!

Wala ung chocolate milk kasi inubos agad ni hubby 😀

They were kind enough to send me this yummy goodness and here’s my honest review about their products:

1. Whole Milk 155 Pesos for 1 Liter

– The milk is creamy and delicious! It’s a bit expensive than the usual fresh milk you would see in the supermarket but, it’s organic so I think it’s worth it. Did Allyka like it? She did! Allyka loved it and didn’t hesitate to drink it.

2. Chocolate Milk 165 Pesos for 1 Liter

– Our favorite! We love it so much we ordered another bottle a few days ago 🤣 My husband almost finished a liter on his own when we got it thus explains why the chocolate milk wasn’t in any of the pictures. Sobrang sarap naubos agad. It’s smooth, creamy, tastes like chocolate but it’s also not too sweet. I think it’s the perfect blend so I highly recommend this!

Our second order of their Chocolate Milk 🙂

3. Yogurt Based Smoothies

80 Pesos for a bottle of 200ml

They come on different flavors: Strawberry, Mango, Blueberry, and Raspberry

– Another favorite in the house! The consistency is almost like ice cream. It’s creamy, super tasty and it has bits of fruits all over. It’s definitely a healthy alternative to the smoothies you can buy in the supermarket. I think the price is just right because 200 ml for 80 pesos is good enough considering its quality and taste. My husband loved the Blueberry while I loved everything so we ordered another set of smoothies. I won’t mind having a bottle of this for breakfast every day! I had Allyka taste it and she loved it too. Another product that I highly recommend.

They also have Non-Fat Milk and Low Fat Milk if you’re following a certain diet too!

Here’s my review of their service:

They are awesome! And, I’m not just saying this because they sent me some products. I’m saying this based on my experience when I purchased from them. I ordered a bottle of chocolate milk and smoothies the other day. Here are more reasons to love them:

1. My order was delivered the same day!

2. Affordable Shipping Fee – The shipping fee within Metro Manila was just 60 pesos.

3. They delivered the milk inside the cooler and the delivery man immediately told me to put the milk in the refrigerator to ensure its quality

4. They do Cash on Delivery to make it more convenient for you.

The only downside is that it’s best to consume the milk within 3 days as per the instruction of the delivery man so I wasn’t able to hoard but, that’s fine because a bottle of these yummy milk won’t last for a day or so (at least that’s the case for us 🙈🙊)

The smoothies, on the other hand, can last longer.


 How I wish they are already available in the supermarket but they aren’t available there yet. To order, just send them a message on their Facebook and Instagram accounts!



Have you already tried their milk? Share your thoughts about their product in the comments below!