Serenity in Bloom: Red Planet Hotels Hosts ‘Calm as Tea’ Event to welcome the Lenten Season


Serenity in Bloom: Red Planet Hotels Hosts ‘Calm as Tea’ Event to welcome the Lenten Season


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Amidst the contemplative Lenten season, let’s pause and reflect on the invaluable insights shared at the recent Women’s Month event, “Calm as Tea,” hosted by Red Planet Hotels at Red Planet BGC The Fort last March 24. From the moment guests stepped into the venue, Group Director of Sales & Distribution  Ms. Bernice Santos extended a warm welcome, ushering them into an oasis of tranquility where they could momentarily escape life’s chaos and find solace.

The event delved into the beauty and power of staying calm, moderated by Ms. Chenny Galano, President of The Rizal Academy for Innovation and Leadership. Through her guidance, the guests resonated deeply with the shared experiences and relatable challenges, finding reassurance in the shared journey towards inner peace.

Ms. Maxine Lara, a Content Creator and Social Media Manager renowned for working with Filipino celebrities, encouraged attendees to “enter that space where you can disconnect from the noise and be in sync with yourself,” emphasizing the importance of self-awareness and mindfulness.

Ms. Nikki Viola, Content Manager of When In Manila, touched hearts with her insights on finding calm through emotional release and embracing one’s emotions authentically.

Meanwhile, Ms. Laura Charlton, Creative Director of David’s Salon, shared her personal challenges of balancing motherhood, work, and nurturing a child with special needs. Her heartfelt words reminded everyone to breathe and take a step back amidst life’s chaos.

Following the enlightening discussions, The Lachryme, a sustainable flower boutique, led a therapeutic flower arrangement session, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the calming process of creation. As petals were delicately arranged, a sense of serenity enveloped the room, reinforcing the event’s theme of finding beauty amidst chaos.


The event concluded with heartfelt gratitude to Kojic Clear for their thoughtful contributions, a reminder that amidst life’s trials, there is always beauty and serenity to be found.


As a hospitality brand that values wellness and rest, Red Planet Hotels remains steadfast in its commitment to providing a haven of calm amidst the bustling world, welcoming all who seek respite with open arms. 


The property promises to create more gatherings where each participant can connect with others and create a safe space for sharing and empowerment.