Saying Goodbye to Stretchmarks with Morrison Premium


Saying Goodbye to Stretchmarks with Morrison Premium


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When I was pregnant, getting stretchmarks was the least of my concern. I was focused on making sure I give birth to a healthy baby safely, regardless of how I would look after. I think stretch marks are unavoidable.

Some people would call it a badge of achievement while others would call it Tiger Stripes. I thought getting stretch marks was okay until of course I gave birth and encountered postpartum blues. Nope, not depression but just occasional sadness due to the changes in my body after giving birth.

As I said, stretch marks are fine but personally, if there’s a way to lighten or completely eliminate those stripes, why not?

This is why I got really curious about Morrison Premium Stretchmark Collagen Body Cream which other bloggers were raving about when it was released. I want to know if it’s really effective if it can really remove stretch marks and if it’s worth the money.

Morrison Premium sent me some products to try around 2 months ago so I gave myself some ample time to review it and see the difference it makes to my marks.

Product Name: Stretchmark Collagen Body Cream

Price: 295 Pesos for a 100ml bottle

What it does: It helps minimize, prevent, and fade unsightly stretch marks. It also moisturizes skin for improved elasticity and suppleness.

Directions: Spread all over the body, targetting areas where stretchmark appears more often. For best results, use thrice a day.

My Experience

I originally planned of using it religiously, following the direction which is to apply it three times a day. BUT, I’m a work at home mom and I honestly don’t have the time every day so I was only able to use this cream twice daily, once in the morning and in the afternoon.

Unfortunately, I have to admit that there are days when I was not able to apply this cream at all. Despite that, I have to say I saw great results from this product since my stretchmarks lighten up after just 2 weeks of using it so yes, it does work and I strongly believe that it can also eliminate stretch marks when used more often.

Is it worth the money? I think it is more affordable compared to other stretch mark removal creams in the market so yes, it’s worth the money.

MY VERDICT: It’s effective. Stretchmark Morrison is true to their words that the product can minimize, prevent, and fade unsightly stretch marks. So, if you are pregnant or you recently gave birth and you want to remove those stripes, you might want to invest in a bottle to avoid those unsightly stripes. I still have some stretchmarks left after consuming a 200ml bottle but I’m confident these will eventually fade if I use morrison premium consistently.

Morrison Premium

How about you mommy? Have you already tried this? If so, what are your thoughts about it?



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