PUR Baby Philippines: Cutest Drinking Cups in the Market!


PUR Baby Philippines: Cutest Drinking Cups in the Market!

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Allyka learned how to drink from a straw when she was 8 months old. She doesn’t know how to drink from a bottle without anyone holding it up for her but she knows how to hold and sip from her straw which I realized isn’t a great thing because she already grabs my straw when I’m drinking softdrinks or milkshake. (Which I don’t allow her to drink of course).

Anyway, we were always on the lookout for drinking cups but didn’t see a lot of options in the market. At one point, we almost ended up buying 2 pieces of the same design just so we have extra drinking cup for Allyka because we always run out of clean cups for her (we aren’t very great at washing dishes apparently).

PUR Baby Products at Puregold Valenzuela

Good thing we discovered Pur Baby Philippines. I saw their products displayed at a shelf in Puregold while doing the grocery and loved the color and designs! My honest opinion, these are the prettiest baby stuff in the market or I might be biased because I love pink!!! Haha

Cute, right???

PUR Baby Philippines sent me some products, we gave it a try and now I’m ready to give you a detailed review about it.

Thank you PUR Baby Philippines

I didn’t know if it’s a factor but it appears like Allyka was more motivated to drink water when drinking from her PUR baby straw cup. 🤔

No kidding, we’re having problems with her water intake because she prefers my milk than water but ever since she used her straw cups, she loved drinking water again.

Instant Teether

She even carries one of her cups with her wherever we go out and use it as a teether at times

Here are the reasons why we love PUR Baby Drinking Cups:

  • The pretty color and design (as I have mentioned above)
Cute Princess Drinking Straw Cup
  • BPA Free so it’ safe for your baby
  • It’s thicker as to compare with the other cups we have tried so it’s durable. It won’t be easily damaged even your baby throw it away while throwing a tantrum attack.
  • It doesn’t spill when closed properly
  • They sell extra straw! Allyka’s other cup ended up in the trash once because the straw had orange stains we weren’t able to remove due to orange juice. At least, Pur Baby Cups’ straws can just be easily replaced.

  • You can easily buy it from Lazada, Shopee or the nearest Puregold Supermarket in your area.

But PUR Philippines offers a wide range of baby products. Aside from the cups that I have mentioned, they are also known for their feeding bottles that are perfect when transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding. They also have teethers, weaning and cutlery sets, milk powder container, and other baby stuff.

Allyka also tried the PUR Walrus Bowl Set. I love the fact that the bowl has a cover that locks and that Allyka can easily hold the spoon and fork so food actually lands in her mouth.

PUR Baby Philippines is celebrating their First Anniversary that’s why you can score up to 50% OFF on selected baby essentials and up to 25% off on all PUR Baby products from August 26 until August 31, 2019! Hurry and check them out!


Have you already tried any PUR Baby products? Let me know what you think of it!