Product Review: Nimble Babies Laundry Lover


Product Review: Nimble Babies Laundry Lover

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This momma loves trying out new products for you mommies so when I received Nimble Babies Laundry Lover for babies, I immediately tried it out to share with you how it was.

Nimble Babies is UK’s award-winning plant-based cleaning product brand exclusively for babies. Their Laundry Lover is made up of 88% naturally derived ingredients. It doesn’t have any skin-irritating enzymes or dyes and a fragrance that smells like a baby.

Honestly, I don’t do the laundry. I mean, I used to but ever since I started working fulltime as a Virtual Assistant, I don’t have time to hand wash Allyka’s clothes anymore. My hubby usually brings our laundry to the nearest laundry shop for our convenience.

We’ve already tried a few brands of baby laundry detergents and liked a few but other products fell short to my expectations because of the normal reason: the scent.

The idea is, the lesser the fragrance means the lesser chemicals were included in the product which I think is good. But, if you can have a plant-based and safe product that smells great well, I think that’s even better! Right?

That’s what I really liked about Nimble Laundry Lover, it’s powdery scent! It smells really good for a plant-based product.

My hubby tried it out on Allyka’s clothes and they smell really good after. I also tried it out by washing Allyka’s poop stains (sorry for the photos) by hands and it turned out really awesome.

The hard to remove poop stains were gone in a few minutes. Isn’t that awesome?

Nimble Babies Laundry Lover is 475 Pesos per bottle and that’s already good for 25 washes. That means you only spend 19 pesos for each wash which is actually cheaper than buying a detergent bar and washing your baby’s clothes by hands.

My Verdict: It’s really an awesome product specially for babies who have sensitive skin so go check them out!

Nimble Babies Products are available on Rustans, Babymama, Urban Mom, Baby&Beyond, Fruits and Trees (Davao), Shop Baby First (Tarlac) and BabyRun27 in Bacolod.

Have you already tried Nimble or are you interested to try it? Let me know in the comments below!