Paper Plate Halloween Art Ideas

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Paper Plate Halloween Art Ideas

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Happy Halloween!

If there’s one occasion we consistently celebrate with Allyka, it’s Halloween! I make sure to dress her up and do something fun every Halloween. During the first year, I dressed up Allyka as a Halloween pumpkin (She was just 5 months old then).

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On Allyka’s second year celebrating it, we attended a Halloween event of SuperDudes and went Trick or Treating at SM Valenzuela(it was a fail)

Super Dudes Event at Dusit Thani Hotel
Trick or Treat at SM Valenzuela

Anyway, this year, we obviously can’t go out and attend an event. I also do not want to participate in any online event because I don’t Allyka can appreciate that yet so, Art Activities it is!

Allyka enjoys our “art time” so I make sure to do this every now and then. I have a few paper plates left from my Birthday celebration so I searched on Pinterest and found some Halloween Art Projects using paper plates. Below are just some super easy ideas!

1. Ghost

This one’s super easy 😀 I just drew a face of  Ghost saying “Boo” on the paper plate using a marker, cute down tails, and hands for the Ghost. Allyka helped to attach the tails and the hands and voila! A Ghost! Allyka is kinda scared of this Ghost, to be honest 😀

2. Pumpkin

Allyka enjoyed this one the most because she loved pasting the mini squares on the paper plate.

  • Cut down little squares from an orange colored paper
  • Ask your little one to paste the mini squares on the paper plate until the plate is covered.
  • Draw a face for the pumpkin and done!

3. One-eyed Monster

  • The same process with the pumpkin face, you have to cut little green squares and ask your little one to paste on the paper plate until it’s covered.
  • Cut a small circle on a bond paper then draw a black circle inside to make an eye
  • Paste the eye in the middle and draw a mouth

4. Witch

This one’s simple. You just have to cut colored paper to form a head, add hair, and a black hat (we don’t have black colored paper when we worked on this), and then draw a face!

That’s it! I wish I can give you more but honestly, everything’s on Pinterest so just search for some ideas there.

Anyhoo, this Halloween, I bought a Little Mermaid Costume or Allyka which eh fondly wear but was unable to take a photo of her but, while digging in our closet, I saw an old Harley Quinn Costume that Allyka was not able to wear last year so I dressed her up and took some photos.

My Little Harley Quinn <3

Aside from the paper plate activities, I also downloaded some Free Halloween Printables online and asked Allyka to work on those activities. It was a lot of fun!

How about you? What were your activities this Halloween? Share it in the comments below!

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