MyNatural: The Wonders of Seaweeds


MyNatural: The Wonders of Seaweeds


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I’m not a very big fan of seaweeds or anything that lives under the water, to be honest. I grew up surrounded by seafood because we live near a fish port but my parents would often reprimand me for not eating fish, fishball, squid ball or even fish crackers. Yes. Put a fish on the title and I won’t eat it. Put a chicken under the water and I’d hate it too 😀

One factor, I think, why I hated anything that lives under the water is because of the smell. Ayoko ng malansa. Char! Arte 😀

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Anyway, this is why I got curious as to whether I would like the line of products of MyNaturalPH when I  found out about them during Millennial Moms‘ Content Creator last September. The main ingredient of their product is none other than seaweeds. It sounded strange at first since I don’t see a lot of skincare products that are made of this ingredient but listening to the owner talk about their products made me realized that seaweeds are indeed powerful!


Did you know that? 

Seaweeds contain over 30 trace elements, fatty acids, amino acids, metabolites, and phyto-nutrients, and more than 10 vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for the skin, hair, and health.
Also proven to be effective for anti-aging, anti-cellulite, anti-allergy, and anti-oxidant. It helps in cell regeneration while having photo protective, moisturizing, and whitening properties.
Amazing! Right? Aside from seaweeds being the perfect ingredient to skincare products. MyNaturalPH’s products are also natural, free of synthetic chemicals, minimally processed, environmentally friendly, and sustainably, safely and locally produced products.   It makes me proud to know that this amazing product is locally made and sourced.
MyNatural PH
But, what better way to know if the product is really good than to try it? Right?
It took me a month before I made a review about their products because I want to make sure I try it first.
MyNaturePH is divided into two lines of products:

1. MyNatureLand – Their household spray

My NatureLand
This line of products includes Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Car, and even Shoe Spray! I was able to try their Room and Bath Spray and ever since then, it has become a staple at home.
What do I love about their sprays?
– The mild scent. It doesn’t have an overpowering smell that makes you sneeze.
– It eliminates odor by absorbing unwanted odor. It doesn’t cover the bad smell, it eliminates it.
– It deodorizes and sanitizes the room.
– The room smells fresh just with a few sprays.
A must-have at home now 🙂
The Verdict: I love it! Actually, we love it! My husband and I aren’t big fans of Allyka’s poop smell so we often argue about who’s going to change her diapers (I know, how to be good parents ba? haha). This spray solves our problem with Allyka’s poop smell and is also a big help when we have to use the bathroom right after someone else comes out of the restroom. If you know what I mean 😀 This is now a staple at home.

2. AlgyNatural – Personal Care

Algy Natural
They have a baby wash, body lotion, body soap, facial wash, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, and intimate wash.
I was able to try their shampoo, conditioner, and soap. I was hesitant to try it a first because I was worried I’d smell like seaweeds but I was surprised it doesn’t smell like seaweed.
What I love about their shampoo, conditioner, and soap:
– The citrus scent and feel. It reminds me of the scent you’d smell while at a spa which makes it relaxing.
– The shampoo and conditioner makes my hair feel soft and smooth, I can easily comb it which is a struggle for me most of the time 😀
– Love how the soap gives me a cooling feeling, maybe because of the citrus.
My Verdict: I love it too but I just hope that the shampoo and conditioner are in bigger bottles. I think I can consume a bottle of shampoo and conditioner in less than two weeks given that I have long hair.
My Overall Verdict: I love their products! They don’t smell like seaweeds like I thought it would and I love the fact that they are made of all-natural ingredients and that they are locally developed and produced which is something we Filipinos should be proud of. #SupportLocal

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