My ThetaHealing Experience


My ThetaHealing Experience


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A few days before Christmas last year, I decided to attend a Theta Healing session with The Third Eye Wellness. I was genuinely curious about how it works and about the experience.

I attended the meeting with a Thetahealing practitioner without any idea what is for and what would happen. December was a super busy month for me so I was not able to get a chance to do more research about it, nevertheless, I still want to give it a try. I came to the Zoom Call meeting without any expectations.

Thetahealing, apparently, is a session that will help a person to identify and get to the root cause of whatever issue you are currently facing. You can heal anything from heartbreak, physical illness, financial issues, career blocks, anything under the sun! 

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So, when Maisha, the Thetahealing practitioner asked me what my issues are currently, I was caught off guard. I didn’t know how to respond because a lot of things had been happening in my life lately. Although, I know deep inside me that something had been bothering me the last few weeks already.

I won’t disclose what my issues were but let me just say that the Thetahealing sessions were enlightening and life-changing. Maisha was able to help me realize what my real issues were. I thought it was a current issue but digging deeper, we were able to realize that the root cause goes way back to my childhood experiences. Some issues I didn’t want to admit to myself but they were all true. This made me realize that a child’s experiences can impact their lives forever consciously or unconsciously. I had a tough childhood because we weren’t financially stable when I was a kid but I didn’t consider (didn’t want to admit) that my experiences before had affected me and the way I deal with problems currently.

But, it’s time to let go of past issues. The exercise that I did with Maisha was freeing. I don’t know how else to describe it but it was a very interesting experience. Something that my mental and spiritual health enjoyed.

If you are interested and you want to learn more about ThetaHealing, check out The Third Eye Wellness. I think that the experience is worth it so book a session with them now! 🙂

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