My Biggest Leap of Faith: Deciding to be a Work at Home Mom. 


My Biggest Leap of Faith: Deciding to be a Work at Home Mom. 


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“Bakit ka pa magre-resign? Stable na yung job mo. Sayang ang benefits pag tanda mo.” This is the usual comment that I got from people when I told them that I already submitted my resignation as a public school teacher so I can work at home.

My life as a public school teacher

I knew a lot of people won’t understand that’s why I didn’t consult them (except for my husband) when I made this decision. I guess it’s easier to make critical decisions when you’re a mom. You automatically veer toward the option that would make your baby happy.

A decade ago, I wanted to become a public school teacher.  It’s a stable job, you get summer vacation, bonuses and class suspensions 😅 I mean, who doesn’t like class suspensions.. Right?  😂Circumstances, however, didn’t allow me to become a teacher, until February of this year. I was in a good place then. I was working at home as an SEO specialist and as a Social Media Coordinator to a US-based client while taking care of my 7 months old baby. I get bad days but I survive every day juggling work and my responsibilities as a mom, wife, and daughter even finding time to update my social media accounts 😀

My daily view as a work at home mom

I almost declined the opportunity to teach again because I was already happy working at home but I still decided to give it a try since I was enticed with the stability of working in the government.

What I didn’t expect though was how difficult it is to be away with my baby. I have been breastfeeding her since she’s 2 weeks old. I cuddle her to sleep. I take her out for a stroll every morning.  I take care of her. She takes care of my heart.

Pumping breastmilk for my baby

My first two weeks working as a teacher was awful. I think of her all the time and she cries the moment she sees me enter the door. I felt bad for mix feeding her and felt worse when I had to attend seminars and extend hours at school.  I was the teacher who was always eager to go home. Everything got better eventually since my mom has been taking care of my baby really well while I’m at school and my co-teachers have been nothing but nice, always ready to cheer up a mom with a bad case of sepanx.

Babywearing Allyka at school

And just when I thought I have already achieved my goal when I graduated college,  life comes in to tell me that nothing’s permanent in this world except for changes. Two weeks before the school opening, I got an offer from my former client that was too good to decline.

To cut the story short – I decided to choose the road less traveled. I decided to ditch what they call as job security and explore the uncertainty. I decided to take the risk and give up my previous goals for a good reason – my desire to spend more time with Allyka.  The flexibility and convenience of working at home allow me to become a hands-on mom while earning money. I’d like to enumerate reasons why I love working at home but maybe I’d do that on another post. One thing is for sure though.. the perks of working at home definitely defeat all the benefits of teaching for me.

Working at home is not all sunshine and roses. Working at home means having to deal with two responsibilities at the same time: My duty at work and as a mom. But no matter how difficult it is, it’s all worth it because I get to witness all my baby’s milestones.

I guess everyone was right when they said that motherhood would change me and my life. It has changed me in so many ways positively and has made my life better than ever. ❤

– Cutting this blog post short because I’m busy preparing for Allyka’s birthday. Expect a post about how to plan a Jollibee party next week 😉💕