Mommy Mundo: A Community of Moms


Mommy Mundo: A Community of Moms


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Motherhood can be exhausting. Whether you’re a stay at home mom, a working mom or a work at home mom, it can be pretty overwhelming. You feel isolated at times since your life revolves around working, taking care of your baby, nursing, doing household chores and a little social media every now and then. Yeah, we can go out at times and hang out with friends but let’s face it, not everyone understands a mom’s situation better than another mom.

Giving birth to Allyka (A.K.A. the best thing that ever happened to me) changed my life. It changed me into a better version of myself and also introduced me into a whole new world. A world filled with moms who support and understand each other. I learned about these communities on Facebook and Instagram. I started following their social media accounts, checked out their posts every now and then and the next thing I know, I was already chatting with fellow moms who ended up becoming my friends and some are even my kumare now!

With some of my mommy friends at an event

What am I talking about? I’m talking about one of the best communities for moms here in the Philippines, Mommy Mundo! What is Mommy Mundo, you ask?

Mommy Mundo is a community of Moms dedicated to making motherhood easier, happier, and more fulfilling for every mom through various avenues and activities
How does it work? Mommy Mundo facilitates and conducts various Motherhood workshops, activities, programs and baby fairs. Attending their programs and activities is a great venue to meet fellow moms, make friends and learn!

Our first Expo Mom. Allyka was sooo little then! 😭

I attended my first Mommy Mundo Expo Mom October of last year. It was the very first Mommy Event I have ever attended. I remember telling Allan how much I really want to go there and loved how he supported me by even accompanying me to the event. It was a family affair.

We went there and found out a lot of baby brands, most of which are local brands by mompreneurs. Isn’t that awesome? A community of moms supporting moms who want to start a business!

My cutie munchkin at Expo Mom North 2018

We were not able to attend that talks during that time but we were able to take home a lot of goodies from their loot bag. The entrance fee to Expo Mom by Mommy Mundo then until now is just 25 pesos per person, 100 pesos if you want a loot bag and it’s free when you have a Mommy Mundo Passport. I wanted to buy a Mommy Mundo Passport but hold off to buying one that time.

Fast forward to today, I attended my third Mommy Mundo Expo Mom last Saturday with my baby and younger sister.

I can’t go to events now without a companion because of this super kulit toddler

Expo Mom North 2019

Look who had fun playing at The Little Garden booth

She had fun playing and chatting with people from Izumi Philippines too.

I was able to claim my giveaway prize from TwistShake! Yey!

We also got a free photoshoot from Dove! We had the same photoshoot last Summer when we attended Mommy Mundo at Glorietta and the photos were beautiful

Here’s our photo from our first free shoot with Dove 💕

Also, I finally decided to get a Mommy Mundo Passport, yey!

The Mommy Mundo Passport is 500 Pesos but wait! You don’t just get the passport, together with it is a Journey Box filled with baby and mommy goodies!

But that doesn’t end there, here are the other perks of getting a passport:

  • You get free access to selected Mommy Mundo Events such as Expo Mom, Mommy Mundo World, Mom School, etc.
  • You get a Mom 24/7 Planner. This is one of the reasons I really wanted a Passport. Their planners are pretty and perfect for moms!
  • You get discounts and loyalty points.

If those reasons do not convince you yet, I don’t know what else will. I genuinely believe that this community made my motherhood journey more fun and bearable (during tough times.) Attending their events is like taking your much needed day off yet still spending it by celebrating what you love best, motherhood.

So if you’re a mom who needs support and connection, join the fun! And if you are already a Mommy Mundo fan but you still haven’t gotten yourself a PassPort, I think it’s about time you get one for yourself now 🙂

Check out Mommy Mundo:

Instagram: @mommymundo

Facebook: Mommy Mundo

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Do you already know about Mommy Mundo? Have you already attended one of their events? Let me know what you think of it in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you! 🙂