Milk and Mama: Yummy Lactation Treats


Milk and Mama: Yummy Lactation Treats


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One of the commitments that I made when I found out I was pregnant is to breastfeed my baby. I knew then that it wouldn’t be easy based on all the articles and stories I’ve heard about it. But I knew one thing… it will be worth it since I’ll be able to provide the best nutrients to my baby.

Breastfeeding Allyka before her baptism

Fast forward to today, I’ve already been breastfeeding Allyka for more than a year now! Hooray! 🙌 But, I have to tell you that it wasn’t a walk in the park. I’ve experienced low supply, oversupply, mastitis, biting, pinching, scratching, pulling of hair and a lot of sleepless nights but hey! We’re still here with no signs of weaning. 💪😁

At Trinoma’s Breastfeeding Room yesterday

About no signs of weaning, I actually thought that our breastfeeding journey was already going to end 2 weeks ago. Allyka’s breastmilk demand suddenly increased when she turned one and I can’t seem to keep up. I thought babies’ milk demand decrease once they start eating solid food but that wasn’t the case for Allyka. She wanted more milk than ever even though she’s already eating solid food regularly. Allyka had been super fussy, would always want milk but would cry while sucking. 😞 This has never happened before. It felt like she was frustrated and of course, I was frustrated too. 😩

I tried manual pumping since I already gave my Hakaa and pump to a friend and only got a few drops. It was frustrating to see my baby cry so I decided to do something about it. Good thing I found out about @milkandmama, an Instagram shop who bakes lactation treats, keto goodies, and delicious pastries. This isn’t my first time to try lactation goodies because I used to order from different stores during my first few months of breastfeeding but stopped when my supply was already stable.

I got the goodies from @milkandmama last week and was surprised by how big the treats are! As I said, I’ve already tried brownies, cheesecakes and other goodies from different sellers but none of them are as big as the servings of Milk and Mama.

Ang yummy nito!!! 😋😋😋

Other than the big-serving, I also loved how delicious their treats are! My hubby loved the brownies in particular and Allyka had some oatmeal cookies because, why not? They are made from healthy ingredients so it’s safe to say that everyone in the family can enjoy this box of goodies.

Ang laki diba 😁

“But Mommy Erika, is this effective? Did it boost your milk supply?”

My answer to that is YES! I ate a brownie and a carrot cheesecake cupcake on Day 1 and my breasts felt engorged the same night. Other than that, I got some letdown too! It has been a while since I got letdown on my other boob while Allyka is nursing on the other boob.

Yummy na effective pa 😋

Mommy Gellyn, owner of @milkandmama and a breastfeeding mom herself shared with me that she thinks the reason why her treats are effective is because of the galactagogues and the size! One lactation treat is like the equivalent of 2 to 3 treats of their competitors so you get double to triple effect!

Mommy Gellyn who is also a breastfeeding mom herself shared with me that she started baking her own treats since buying from other stores was really costly. This is why she made sure that her treats are affordable and sulit!

When asked about her advice to breastfeeding moms, Mommy Gellyn responded “Don’t give up on breastfeeding just because it’s hard and nobody supports you. Arm yourself with knowledge, join support groups and most of all, read blogs of mommies who support breastfeeding too!”

I couldn’t agree more to that Mommy Gellyn! Breastfeeding ain’t easy but you don’t have to bear all the troubles by yourself. A lot of support groups and mommies like Mommy Gellyn and I are here to help you succeed because #MomsSupportMoms.Go check out their IG store and see for yourself why a lot of moms are raving about @milkandmama

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Also, I’m planning to host a Giveaway this August to celebrate Breastfeeding month. Watch out for that!