How to Manage Your Busy Week


How to Manage Your Busy Week

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I juggle work, blogging, and taking care of my little one every day, and honestly, sometimes, 24 hours a day isn’t even enough. I have daily and weekly tasks with my fulltime client and on top of that, I also spend hours creating content for my Instagram and Facebook account to make sure that I stay active. It isn’t easy but I try.

I am not the most organized person in the world and ever since gave birth to my daughter, I became really forgetful. So, I had to figure out ways that would help me remember my tasks and my daily schedule. How do I deal with it? Below are just some tips if you are having a very busy week:

  1. Make a schedule – You may think that it’s a waste of time to sit down and write down your schedule, but, believe me, it’s not. Spending an hour or two going through your tasks, deciding which one to prioritize, and work on a schedule will make you feel more confident in your busy week. You can write your schedule on a planner, a calendar, or even make a schedule on Google Calendar. As for me, I prefer the good old planner. I think writing down my schedule is somehow therapeutic.
  2. Make a To-Do List – One of the secrets of keeping a client satisfied is by being responsible. That means accomplishing tasks on time properly. This can be difficult when you have 80 things going on in your mind so the best way not to miss any tasks is by creating a to-do list. Again, there are applications and tools that you can use online to manage your tasks. At work, we use Asana while for my blogging tasks, I have a whiteboard on my desk where I write everything. Again, I am super forgetful so it’s important that I see my to-do lists. This is not to stress me out or whatever but it’s really to motivate me to mark all my to-do lists as done.
  3. Recharge Over the Weekend – Find time to rest no matter how busy you are. I was extremely busy last week and will be super busy this week but that doesn’t mean I can’t pause for a while to rest. I make it to a point to get disconnected on my work over the weekend so I can get connected to what really matters… my loved ones. It’s also a great way to prepare yourself physically and mentally for your busy days.
  4. Recite a Positive Affirmation – I started having a positive affirmation a few months ago and I myself how it can bring wonders to me. I look at it, I read it and it reminds me of what I need to remember. This week’s Positive Affirmation is: Just Breathe. You can do this! I think this affirmation will help me a lot when things get rough. So, look for a positive affirmation or a bible verse, write it down and post it on your work station.
  5. Eat Right, Try to Get a Complete Sleep, and Take your Vitamins – In other words, try to stay healthy! You have to. You need to. You won’t be able to perform all your tasks if you fail your body so make sure not to abuse it.
  6. Get Inspiration from your Little One – When your tasks pile up and the pressure is just too much. Pause. Look at your little one. Play with him/her for a few minutes and remind yourself why you are working so hard. This, in my opinion, is the best way to stay motivated.

Are you also expecting a pretty busy week? If you are, I hope these tips help you in one way or another. Also, feel free to share your own tips on how you manage a busy week in the comments below!

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