Fun Rainy Day Activities and Finding Happiness in a Snack with Snackeroo Itsy Bitsy


Fun Rainy Day Activities and Finding Happiness in a Snack with Snackeroo Itsy Bitsy


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Rain, rain, go away! Come again, another day.

Little Allyka wants to play, rain rain, go away.


The rainy season means more reasons to stay indoor! 🙂

We have been staying indoor for 4 months now due to COVID-19 and the rain outside is just another reason to stay safe and healthy at home. 

But, keeping an active toddler happy and entertained indoors can be a bit of a challenge. 

Allyka, my 2-year-old little girl loves going outside. She used to walk around our neighborhood every morning and afternoon and we used to take her to the park every Saturday. With the new normal, my husband and I were forced to think of creative ways to keep her entertained. 

During summer, Allyka spends a lot of time on her inflatable pool but due to the weather, we can’t do that anymore. Hence, we thought of more activities to keep her happy.

Below are a few activities you can try with your little one during rainy season:

  1. Drawing and Painting – Buy some washable crayons or paint so they can express their creativity without you worrying about the possible mess it can cause your wall or your floor. Ask them to paint on a canvass so you can hang your little artist’s first painting on your bedroom wall. 
  2. Read Books – Keep offering books and they will eventually like it. Read stories, act out the characters in the book, show your little one funny faces to make storytime fun time!

    Reading her favorite book
  3. Sing and Dance – I’m not a good dancer nor a talented singer but, I don’t mind busting a move to motivate Allyka to dance and sing (shout) too. This activity is also a good excuse to exercise 🙂
  4. Lesson Time – Give 30 minutes to an hour a day to teach your little one about color, shapes, number or alphabet while you are playing with them.  
  5. Helping with HouseHold Chores – Yes! Even toddlers can help you with household chores. I’m not talking about having them wash their own dirty clothes (that would be awesome if they could, just kidding) But, giving them small tasks such as helping you water the plants or sweep the floor can really keep them busy and happy. 
  6. Pretend Play – Our favorite! Pretend Play is not only entertaining but it also encourages your little one to be imaginative and creative.

Allyka loves playing pretend chef or serving me food. The specialty of her restaurant? Her favorite Snackeroo Itsy Bitsy Mini Chocolate Chip.  These bite-sized mini chocolate cookies are so delicious, it’s really like finding “Happiness in a Snack”

Allyka’s mood instantly lights up whenever she sees her favorite snack: Snackeroo Itsy Bitsy

Serving your little one snacks that instantly lights up their mood is also another great way of keeping your little one happy while staying indoor. 

The look on your face when you see your favorite snack. 🙂

But it’s not her that enjoys this snack, it’s actually the whole family! My husband and I also love how tasty Itsy Bitsy is! 

Eating Snackeroo Itsy Bitsy is my favorite bonding time with Allyka because we both love this snack!

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I know that keeping our little ones happy while staying safe and healthy inside our home can be challenging but it gets easier when you give them fun activities while serving snacks that they will surely love like this Itsy Bitsy Mini Chocolate Cookies 🍪⁣

How about you? What is your little one’s favorite activity during the rainy season? Share it in the comments below!