Family Doc : Bringing Better Care Closer to You


Family Doc : Bringing Better Care Closer to You

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What do you do when you suddenly have flu? What if your husband’s blood pressure is spiking up every now and then? or what to do when your baby has colds?

Do you ask Google?

Post a question on a Facebook Group?

Ask a friend?

The right answer: You need to consult a family doctor

Yup. I’ve tried all the options that I’ve mentioned but I still end up consulting a doctor because let’s face it. No matter how knowledgeable your friend is or how convincing that google article is, some questions can only be answered by a professional.

As moms, it is our primary responsibility to make sure that each member of our family (including yourself) is healthy and safe. Thus, finding reliable yet convenient clinics and doctors, where you can bring them in case you need medical assistance, is necessary.

This is why I’m glad to have found out about Family Doc.

Family Doc is the largest chain of primary clinics in the Philippines with a goal to provide affordable, accessible and quality healthcare for the community.

They are a 3 in 1 clinic with combined services of a clinic, diagnostic facility and, pharmacy all under one roof!

Together with my husband and Allyka, we visited their branch here at Valenzuela for my husband’s checkup. He had been experiencing several health issues for the longest time but, being the busy couple that we are, we never had the chance to visit a doctor. (huwag tularan)

Let me share with you our experience with them!

Their branch here at Valenzuela is conveniently located in a Mall which is great because we had the chance to spend some quality time too after our clinic visit!

They weren’t kidding when they said that they are a 3 in 1 clinic. Unlike the other satellite clinics we have visited in the past, Family Doc gave me a more relaxed vibe because of the mini store located inside, TV for entertainment while waiting and their accommodating staff who immediately assisted us by having my husband fill up his information.

Allan was then called for an initial assessment where the nurse took down note of his weight, height, interviewed him nicely and all.

One awesome thing about Family Doc is that their clinics are equipped with Electronic Medical Record or also called as Vigos EMR. It provides convenience for both the patients and the doctors since your medical records can be viewed at any branch. Vigos EMR can also be used for population health which can track disease trends at a certain community. How awesome is that?

After a few minutes, we just found ourselves inside the clinic of their doctors who nicely asked for Allan’s issues, symptoms and was able to even build a rapport with us. To cut the story short, Allan took some laboratory tests to verify his illness. Good thing that we get a 10% discount because of the membership that we got from them!

My model and my patient, a.k.a. my husband also told me that he was surprised when the needle shot didn’t hurt at all when the nurse took some samples of his blood for the test. We’re not sure if that’s a one time experience but I’m sure that my husband was very happy with their service. He even said, “Sana lahat ng clinic and hospital ganito ka- accommodating”

I guess by now you know, our experience with Family Doc was truly amazing.

Medical issues are stressful and sometimes, it gets even more stressful when you see people frowning at you. Family Doc made our medical issues a little easier to accept due to the awesome customer service that we have received from them.

Anyway, I hope you can visit the nearest Family Doc in your area because this August, they are running a promotion where you get FREE CONSULTATION and FREE MEMBERSHIPS for their new customers!! So hurry up make sure to get everyone in the family a membership mommy!

To date, they have 67 clinics located in middle class communities in the Greater Metro Manila area including Cavite, Laguna, Rizal and NCR Cities such as Paranaque, Las Pinas, Taguig, Pateros, Pasig, Quezon City, Valenzuela and Caloocan and in the country’s capitol city – Manila. Check out their branch locations here.

But wait, there’s more (parang commercial lang haha)

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You wouldn’t want to miss owning a card that will entitle you to an unlimited consultation, 10% discount on their laboratory services and 5% discount on their imaging services! How awesome is that?

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