Bubble Baby: Love is Action

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Bubble Baby: Love is Action

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As moms, I know we all agree that we want nothing but the best for our babies. We want to use the safest and gentlest products available to protect them from any possible harm. This is one of our ways to show love. Choosing the right products for our babies is love in action. 

Cutie Allyka when she was just one month old 🙂

One of my realizations though when I became a mom is those safe products are normally expensive that’s why at times, we have to look for alternatives, not wanting to sacrifice quality, of course!

What a cute package!
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One of the products that I don’t sacrifice is Allyka’s bottle and dishwashing cleanser. Her dishwashing cleanser has always been different from ours ever since she’s a newborn until now that she’s already one year old and is eating solid food.

I have used several bottle cleansers but only chanced upon Bubble Baby a few months ago. I first saw it on Instagram and got curious. I thought it was too affordable for the size so I’m glad I was able to try it out when they sent out some samples.

It may appear a bit cloudy at cold temperature but rest assured that its quality is not compromised. It’s 100% safe and eco-friendly!

Bubble Baby is a Baby Bottle & Utensil Cleanser from the maker of Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid.

Here are a few things that you’ll love about Bubble Baby:

  • Ingredients: Plant Derived Surfactants and water!
  • It safely cleans
  • It’s bubbly! I’ve tried out other plant-based cleanser and most of them aren’t bubbly so I end up using a lot. With BubbleBaby, a small portion goes a long way.
  • It leaves no smell.
  • It leaves no soap.
  • It’s VERY AFFORDABLE! Bubble Baby 270 ml is just Php 55 while the 880 ml bottle is just Php 149!
Sorry na agad kung madumi ang sink haha Wag kayo mag alala lilinisin ko lalala

We have been using Bubble Baby for a month now and I have nothing but praises for them! we use it to wash Allyka’s drinking cups, utensils, and bowls and we find it cost-effective since we only need a few drops to clean everything!

Ang laki ng 800 ml bottle! Super sulit for just 149 pesos!

Actually, we are already starting to use Bubble Baby on our own dishes too because, why not? It can remove food particles really well and it’s just as affordable as the regular dishwashing liquid.



If you haven’t tried Bubble Baby yet, make sure to check it out because I promise you’d be able to save money by switching. If you have already tried it, let me know your thoughts about it in the comments below!




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