Ariel Liquid Soft and Gentle Detergent


Ariel Liquid Soft and Gentle Detergent


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When Ariel Philippines told me that they’ll send me some products, I was excited! Ariel is a staple at home because we trust its capability to remove stubborn stains. But, honestly, we don’t use it on our baby’s clothes since we also know that its formulation isn’t made for baby’s sensitive skin.

My happy baby

Imagine my surprise when this came in the mail. A beautiful package from Ariel but not the regular one, it’s Ariel for babies!!! I was really excited to find out that Ariel came up with a gentle formula that is made especially for babies. I guess that’s how you feel when your favorite brand came up with a product that you really need!

Ariel Liquid Soft and Gentle Detergent is an all-new improved detergent that is perfect for babies because it has no harmful chemicals. What made me feel confident to use it on Allyka’s clothes is because this has:

  • No Enzyme
  • No Brightner
  • No Bleach

Yet, it still promises to be tough on baby stains especially food, oil, pollutants, sweat, and poop.

Anyway, I let hubby put this to test since he’s the one who brings our dirty clothes to the laundry shop. Here’s our honest review after using it for 2 weeks:

Stain Removal Capability ✅

I have mentioned in the past that some baby detergents are too gentle to remove baby stains but not Ariel! Surprisingly, despite its gentle formulation, it did a greT job on removing stubborn stains on Allyka’s clothes despite the fact that we didn’t handwash it.

Scent ✅

I love the lemongrass scent! It isn’t the same baby scent that I’m used to with other detergents but I still love it.

Gentle formulation ✅

I observed if using this detergent would cause Allyka any rashes or skin reaction but it didn’t. They were true to their words that it is indeed gentle for babies.

Price ✅

It’s affordable! A 900 ml bottle is just 198 pesos in Shopee and its refill pack is just 151 pesos!!! You can even buy it bundled with Pampers diaper so, need I say more? This is really the best part for me since the frustrated wais na nanay in me wants to save money!!!

– The only comment I have is that the packaging is really similar to all the other Ariel detergent except that there’s a photo of a baby so you might have a hard time figuring out which detergent you use for your baby and for your clothes. That isn’t even a problem since you just have to look at it properly or use the same detergent for your clothes since it’s good with removing stains anyway.

That’s it! I hope you learn a thing or two about this review. Have you already tried Ariel Soft and Gentle to your baby’s clothes? What are your thoughts about it?