A Year of Opportunities and Pursuing My Passion (Thank you, 2021)


A Year of Opportunities and Pursuing My Passion (Thank you, 2021)


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Spending the last 2 hours of 2021 reflecting and contemplating what a year it has been.

Thank you to my husband who’s in charge of cooking (because he’s a really really great cook), I get a few hours of quiet time while my little one takes a nap. This had been a tradition of mine for the last 5 years. I usually spend the last few hours of the year working on my planner but this year, I thought of writing a blog as well.

2021 was a good year, great even. It’s a year of opportunities and pursuing passions.

After years of uncertainty when it comes to my job, I was finally in a good place.

I have a stable job as a Virtual Assistant and I also grew as a blogger and as a content creator this year. A twist of faith. Something that I have hoped to happen when I was younger but never thought it was possible. 2 years as a Mommy Content Creator and I still can’t believe that I am already one. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t consider myself a hotshot blogger because I still have a long way to go but I still want to give myself a tap in the back. “Congratulations, Erika. I am glad that you found the courage to do this. I am glad that you are finally embracing your true self.”. 

I’d like to think that I am not concerned with numbers but, I am still in awe with the fact that I started the year with 20k followers on my Facebook Page, mommyerikajane and now, I’m already at 65k. This isn’t a high number of following for sure. I have seen a lot of content creators who were able to grow their following in such a rapid way and I find it amazing. I admire how consistent and persistent they are when it comes to creating content!

Nevertheless, I am not here to compare. I am quite happy with how I grew this year. I was really eager to create helpful content when the year started. I created a few memes, quotes, and pieces that went viral.  It warms my heart whenever I see people leaving comments on my posts. I love it when I touch their heart with my relatable content. It makes me happy whenever I end up helping people with content that I share. With that, I am proud of what I have achieved this year when it comes to my page. Honest confession, my content the last few months was all over the place because I was super busy or lazy (not sure which is which) but that’s okay. I decided to just chill out and relax and hit hard on 2022. Am I ready? Probably not right away but check up on me a few weeks after the holidays and I would probably be ready by then.

I can talk about blogging and content creation all day long 😀

Moms Support Moms PH

Another surprising turn of event this year is how Moms Support Moms PH, a Facebook group that I have started last 2020 grew and received a lot of opportunities. This group gave way to projects not just for me but for other mommy content creators and became a bridge towards helping our Mommy Members through giveaways and other projects. This group took so much of my time, to be honest, but I am really happy with how everything turned out. I am happy to see our mommy members connecting and helping each other through our small community on the internet.

Healthy Relationships

Maturity hit me hard this year. Unlike the previous years, I find myself more mature when it comes to dealing with my relationships with loved ones. My husband and I are more in love than ever and I couldn’t be any happier. This is actually one of the things that I am most thankful for.

Allyka’s Anecdote

Oh gosh! My little Allyke Faith turned 3 years old last June and I just can’t explain how she amazes me every single day! She is my little chatterbox! She never stops talking and her stories? they are very entertaining. I am thankful she is healthy and happy. I am thankful she is such a bright little girl who is also sweet to her loved ones. I am thankful that I get to witness her awesomeness on a daily basis. Thank you, Lord.

I want to write down a list of things that I am thankful for but I might end up spending 5 hours writing everything down so let me just name a few more. I am thankful for…

  • my family’s good health.
  • loyal friends who are always willing to listen to my complaints and worries.
  • supportive followers/friends
  • financial blessings
  • clarity of mind
  • strength to face challenges
  • the opportunity to help others
  • and so much more!

Dear Lord, thank you! Thank you! Thank you for everything!

Was 2021 a perfect year? Certainly not! I had my fair share of problems but you know what changed this year? I started focusing more on my blessings. I count and write down my blessings and I think that’s a great way to be more grateful.

Sometimes, we think that the world is being unfair but honestly, there is still a lot to be thankful for. Some days are just hard and it’s alright to cry or curse when you feel like the weight is crushing your heart. But, after the storm, count your blessings. You’d be surprised at how blessed you still are despite the many challenges of the world.

With that, I want to say thank you for being a part of my 2021 and I look forward to spending more awesome years with you!